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"The Whole Purpose of Education is to turn Mirrors into Windows"

A Premier ICSE School

Nested in the heart of RT Nagar, Mysuru, Nypunya School of Excellence is an ICSE School under the leadership of Sri. Raghu R aims to respect your child's feelings, to give them responsibility, independence and freedom to make choices.

Nypunya School of Excellence reaffirms its commitment to quality education through compilance with NEP (National Educational Policy) 2020, inclusive of future-oriented and holistic programs.

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The vision of Nypunya School of Excellence is to promote a sustainable lifestyle. In a rapidly changing world, we are evolving by the day and getting upgraded by the minute! In this ever-growing world, the need of the hour is sustainable living. Our vision is to create an impact by contributing to making the world a better place. Our journey begins with educating students about an eco-friendly living, promoting sustainable lifestyles as well as safe guarding nature gradually and simultaneously. Excellence is not just a destination, it is also the never ending journey.


Nypunya's mission is to create an army of intellectuals by nurturing today's toddlers and help them grow as successful entrepreneurs, sportspersons, coders, astronauts, artists and beyond; in fact, anything a child aspires to be. Our mission is to make dreams come true. You wish to be a Business person? At Nypunya, we shall teach you to be!
So, dare to dream and Nypunya will take care to make you capable of accomplishing it.


    Nypunya School of Excellence reaffirms its commitment to quality education through compliance with NEP (National Educational Policy 2020), inclusive of future-oriented and holistic approach. We are and we build soldiers to face the 21st century challenges. These words define not only the revolutionary aims outlined in the National Education Policy 2020 but also the approach to education at Nypunya School of Excellence. We incorporate the ethos and strive to march along the broad-minded and benign stretches, sketched out in these path-breaking manifestos.


The Preschool curriculum underlines the crucial importance of early years in a child's developmental experience. Young children enter preschool with a lot of curiosity, a sense of wonder and an eagerness to learn. To cater to their requirements, Nypunya encourages and ensures that the learning happens through inquiry-based learning, constructivist approach and purposeful space for expression. Seamless authentic assessment encourage to achieve developmental milestones in the cognitive, social-emotional and metacognitive domains of a child.


At the primary level, the curriculum is presented as an integrated curriculam area with multilingualism as a learning resource. Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Sanskrit, Value education, Computers and Art Education focus on reasoning and conceptual learning at every stage, with hands-on activities, simulating experiences of day-to-day life. Identified as core areas, the learning of these subjects provides scope for conceptual learning, effective use of technology, creative expression, appreciation and teamwork. Nypunya encourages its students to be joyful self-directed learners.

Secondary and Higher Primary

As children grow older, they are exposed to the system as per the norms of the council. The secondary level offers curriculum which includes various subjects that is required in his/her professional life. Students are free to choose from these subjects with some guidelines framed by the board. We at Nypunya understand that students learn in different ways and at different paces. We therefore adopt a variety of teaching-learning process that allows students to approach learning with understanding.

"Change is The End Result of all True Learning!!"


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Nypunya School of Excellence
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Media Coverage

Logo Launching

Mysore  Location

Swami Muktidanandaji launches logo of Nypunya School of Education

  • Date of the Event 20 January 2022
  • 09:00 AM Time
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Summer Camp 2022

School Campus  Location

This Summer Camp is open for 8 to 15 year age groups.

  • Date of the event April 11 - April 30 2022
  • 10:00 AM Time
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