About Us

Nested at R T Nagar in the heart of the heritage city Mysuru, Nypunya School of Excellence , an ICSE school under the proven leadership of Sri. Raghu R aims to respect your child’s desire cum feelings, to give them responsibility, independence and freedom to make choices.

The cardinal aim of this institution is to build individuals with intelligence by implementing both traditional as well as modern teaching methods. Solid academic programmes, varied extra and co-curricular activities ignite creativity, blossom critical thinking and enhance communication skills. Teachers who are the heart and soul of this establishment are equipped with requisite knowledge to encourage joy in creative expression, and have been the force behind the academic excellence.

Why NSE? What we Offer!

  • NSE offers a personalised approach to learning with a strong emphasis on developing languages, innovation, a healthy lifestyle and leadership skills.
  • Learning is made exciting, relevant and challenging for students as we develop confident young minds courageous enough to question what they observe around them.
  • At Nypunya, excelling in academics, sports and co-curricular activities go hand-in-hand.
  • The school emphasizes the importance of “Learning by Doing”. We believe learning should be interesting and innovative.
  • We ensure holistic growth by providing ample opportunities in Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Theater, Music, Dance and Extracurricular Activities.
  • We maintain an appropriate Teacher-Student Ratio, constantly track the progress of every child and focus on building strong values in students.
  • We look forward to empowering our students and teachers while moving ahead with technology through interactive smart classes and innovative labs.
  • Career conselling not only helps the students know their aptitude but also the pros and cons of the different streams, courses and education options. This enables them to make an informed choice at the right time and thereby avoid the difficulties associated with change in career path later in life.
  • We also emphasize a great deal on Safety and Security. Parents can easily track the performance of their wards by making periodic visits to the teachers.

Leadership Programmes

Nypunya School of Excellence firmly believes in the continous professional development of all its employees weather teaching or non-teaching. We provide training solutions in the form of Classroom Programmes, Virtual Training Programmes, Coaching Programmes, Project Based Training, Video Modules etc.,

We firmly believe that our growth is made possible solely by inculcating and providing continuous in-house training programme to teachers and non-teaching staff.

A minimum of 2 days of programmes are included from the principal and the managment to induct new faculties into the systems and process of organisation. A varied training programmes for teachers to guide all of them in-order to become Pedagogical Leaders, as defined by the ICSE and to help them design effective and sustainable Pedagogical Plans.

In these training programmes, we educators easily connect with other experienced teachers and meet to understand and train for professional development and reform. We collectively empower each other to become better while learning side by side. It helps us elicit feedback on our ideas / initatives, allows us to showcase everything that is good, while also gaining inispiration to change.