We  Strongly Believe that with the Right Mindset, Support and Encouragement, Every Child can Realise and Meet their Potential.



  • The medium of instruction is English. Hindi and Kannada are the additional languages being taught.
  • The primary programes for the Foundation and Grades 1 – 4 offers a positive learning environment and prepares children for higher order skills.
  • Middle School Programme for students from grade 5 to grade 8 offers a curricula that is challenging and innovative which aims at the all round development of the students.
  • The Secondary school curriculum offers students of grades 8-9 a wide variety of new and renwoned technological skill set which help them in their future endeavours.
How we Work

At Nypunya School of Excellence, we believe in adhering to the original definition of the word education: the Latin word ‘educere’ comprises e- (out of) and -ducere (to draw). We strongly believe that our purpose is not to put information in, but to draw out wonder, joy and intrinsic abilities from your child through our comprehensive programme that fosters well-rounded learning.

We inculcate in your child the ability to absorb not just the subjects that he or she is taught but the very world around him or her. We believe we are raising not just young scholars but future world leaders who are mindful and capable of making our planet a better place.

We are convinced that each child is unique and has a special role to play in life. Our holistic development model puts children on the path to discovering their purpose. At the same time, we also hold the view that quality education should not cost an arm and a leg.

Inclusive Education

“Everybody is a genius.”

– Albert Einstein

These were the simple yet strong words said by Albert Einstein. Our school believes that every child is talented and that it takes the right teacher to help them discover it. We aim to make education reach out to every child who needs it because our goal is to educate and not just to teach. To achieve the same, we have adapted to inclusive education.

Our school acknowledges a city like Mysuru has a rich history of diversity. Students from all walks of life are welcome at our school. We understand that every child is different, be it physically, emotionally, linguistically, or even culturally. Our school provides an equal opportunity to everybody. We have designed and developed our school activities in a way where there is active participation by every student. The students are in the capable hands of our well trained and experienced teachers.

Platform for Inclusive Education

The teachers use different methods to incorporate inclusivity in classrooms. There are many group activities and peer to peer learning. Word building activity involves an active participation of every child. A group of students sit together to make a chart based on the Indian history. We use creative art techniques to build peer-peer interactions between the students. A pair of students works on an art/craft together and presents it to the class. These works are based on subject topics. There are many science experiments that are conducted in groups.

Visual Aid and Storytelling Concepts

To promote a sense of morality, our teachers use visual aids and storytelling concepts. The teachers are well experienced to notice the change in student’s behavior and communicate with them to provide a proper guidance.

The students are taught the various means of communication to interact with the fellow students. We also have regular interactions with the parents of the students as a part of our collaborative approach in encouraging students to communicate.

Having this inclusive education approach will help to develop a child into a future leader in their respective field of interests.

Talented faculty, state of the art labs and a disciplined approach prepares them for the Board examination and helps them achieve the highest standards in all areas.

“By Education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man; body, mind and spirit.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Core Values of NSE

At Nypunya, we follow and stand by our core values. These values are understood and practiced by every member who is a part of our institution.

Honesty and Integrity

Being ethical while following our duties. Be consistent.

Transparent process. Stand by our words.

Kindness and Mutual Respect

Value and Support the work put in by every member.

Celebrate the success of each member.


To be able to overcome the changes and adapt.

To encourage creative thinking.

Leadership and Team Work

Trust to make your own decision. Open to suggesstions.

Support each other during failure.