Sri R Raghu,Chairman

Raghu R

Chairman, Nypunya School of Excellence

After spending more than a decade in the education domain, I am now wholly dedicated to the development of Nypunya. Education is an important part of any individual.

Our world, country and our own identity is built on our mindfulness. Thus, a field like education demands sensibility and sensitivity. I’m very excited to bring Nypunya to a sacred city like Mysuru. The rich heritage city reflects the minds of Mysureans.

The future intellectuals of Mysuru deserve a school like Nypunya to completely explore their potential. The diverse fields, the various subjects that the students will master and the constant support that I and my team of Nypunya will provide to each member will help them excel in their niche. Along with my support, care and zest to help students achieve a successful career, I also shake hands with every student who bestow their trust in us. Your education and learning matters to us. And so, I would wear your trust as a badge of honour and affection.

I wish you great luck in embarking on your journey with us”.

Smt. Shilpa Prashanth, Principal

Shilpa Prashanth

Principal, Nypunya School of Excellence

Greetings and Welcome you to Our School Website!

Nypunya School of Excellence, aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where gifted and talented students are encouraged to explore their potential and achieve their personal best in all aspects of school life. Students will be challenged and engaged through authentic learning opportunities that inspire them to develop creativity, confidence and resilience to become independent and ethical lifelong learners.

The words ‘Education’, ‘Teachers’, ‘Schools’ are no longer defined in a straitjacketed sense. These words have to be explored in order to revolutionize the whole domain of the education system, which involves inquiry, innovation effort and initiative.

The challenge is to create a community that is dedicated and committed to help children realize their dreams, so that they can lead a happy life. Each thought needs to be creative, each action must be planned to ensure the achievements of envisaged objectives. Each subject must be dealt afresh to generate interest amongst students and to bring-out the best from each child using innovative methodologies. Each child should be considered unique, and all activities must be designed to explore unexpressed, unspoken, talent and the potential of a child. The mind, heart and soul of a teacher must be dedicated towards the art of teaching so that it leads to the personal growth of the teachers as well.

I strongly believe that teachers at school and parents at home are equal stakeholders in disciplining children and bringing up a balanced person who will be able to face challenges of life positively. I welcome the active participation and the interaction of the parents in this learning process of the children and moulding them into empathetic compassionate to citizen with global vision.