Education in the Mysuru Way

Mysuru is a city that has claimed glory for a lot of things, be it the rich culture or the well-planned administration, it has shown the way. When you ask about Mysuru, you will hear about its heritage and monuments, like the world-famous Dasara, the glorious Mysuru palace, etc but the walls of the city tell the stories of development and reform.

The city is one of the first cities in Asia to have a proper plan for urban development. It has one of the oldest zoos. The city started some of the first industries. There are a lot of milestones that the city has managed to achieve. However, what stands out among these is the fact that Mysuru is a pioneer in education. 

The Mysore University was the first university in Karnataka while the Mysore Medical college was the first medical college in the state. The city, in the early stages, had adapted to modern education and also encouraged education for women.

Even now, thousands of students from various regions come to study in Mysuru. The city provides a peaceful and safe environment. The proper infrastructure of the city has supported the establishment of some good educational institutes. The low cost of living is another boon for the students to study in this city. There is an ease of transportation due to good connectivity which will help students to be more involved with their education institutes. There are already some of the best schools in Mysuru which will attract more parents to opt for the city. The simultaneous development in industries will help in future job opportunities for students.

Mysuru city has people from all walks of life, so inclusive education is now being given more prominence. The city has reshaped itself in accordance with the new trends in the education sector. Smart teaching is now being encouraged. Schools are going more digital and experiential learning is focused. The overall education in the city is a blend of modernization and tradition.