Medal Win at STEM fit Cup 2022

Nypunya School of Excellence, Mysore had an international level laurel gracing its crown in the form of bronze medal won at an international competition called STEM fit Cup 2022. This is a global event conducted by a group of educationists from Northern
Australia where they assess the schools based on the projects submitted by incorporating the key levers given by them.

The project submitted should highlight the engineering, technological, mathematical and scientific components which then gets assessed by an international panel and awards are given out.

NSE, Mysore students under the guidance of their teachers used “Shiraasana” (the headstand) an important Yoga posture as their project. They created a video where every bit of information of the asana was explained clearly, and their explanation touched upon all the key levers the panelists looked out for. The diligent efforts of the children along with their ever-supporting teachers resulted in a wonderfully packaged project that yielded the school a Bronze Medal at the International level. This achievement clearly highlights the high benchmark NSE, Mysore has set and also their keenness to keep improving upon their own benchmark to attain higher consistency.