Movie Time – All Roads to Gandada Gudi

Shri Puneet Rajkumar who is also called as Karnataka’s “Power Star” is one actor who has left an indelible mark in the psyche of every Kannada cinema goer and has ensured he’ll be remembered forever by fans of every age and sphere through his work across 34 movies.

As we lost this precious actor to time, we had one last opportunity to allow our Nypunya children enjoy his talent and screen presence through the documentary feature called “Gandada Gudi”.

On 24th October, students from NSE were graciously given an opportunity to watch the Power Star in the single-screen theater of Sangam. Our children were accompanied with their anointed teachers and of course RJ Avinash also. The children who were instructed on how to maintain the NSE decorum were so orderly and well-behaved that they won the hearts of all the organizers.

They entered the premises of the theater in a proper fashion, seated themselves without any chaos and enjoyed Shri Puneet Rajkumar on the screen to their fullest content. Post the viewing, RJ Avinash made them stand in an orderly group and they all expressed how they felt when watching the nature therme based documentary. They also sang the song “Bombe Heluthaithe, Matte Heluthaithe” in memory of the Power Star under the guidance of RJ Avinash.

The refreshments for our children and staff were kindly provided by the management of Sangam theater for whom we are really thankful and will look forward to many such collaborations in the future. In the end, it was a truly worthwhile outing for NSE students who experienced the movie with their friends and got a chance to sing and remember their favorite star with their favorite buddies.