Mysore Silk Factory & Mall of Mysore Visit

Students from Grade 5 to 8 of NSE, Mysore started their day on the 17 th December, 2022 with lots of things to look out and learn new concepts during the course of the day. It was a field trip planned diligently to include informational exposure to the children along with the guaranteed fun time.

They started their day with visit to the Mysore Silk Factory, this is one important heritage location that is deep rooted in the history of Mysore rulers. Our children were taken around the production floor housing the mechanized yarns that sew the wonderous sarees so beloved to our women folk.

Children saw how real gold thread is used in the yarn when creating a silk saree which actually enhances its value and worth. They were shown the silkworm cocoon from where the processed silk is manufactured and how it gets used in the machines while
manufacturing a saree. Unfortunately owing to the period our children visited the factory, there were no live silkworms they could see feeding on their favorite mulberry leaves.

After taking notes at the factory the children then embarked on their second half of the trip that was visiting Mall of Mysore. Their principal had enabled this trip by talking to the retail outlets in the mall and making sure the children have a smooth experience. They overall visited 3 clothing shops and 2 toys’ shops.

The children were given a fun learning activity where they had to interact with the shop folks and take down goods which were getting sold at a discount, huddle amongst themselves and calculate the price customers had to pay in order to avail the discounts. This activity helped them understand the concept of marked price, fixed price and discount % in real-life scenarios.

Looking at the manner the children conducted themselves with visitors, staff and how they followed their principal’s instructions to the T, the outlet managers gave them balloons as gifts. They also had delicious snacks at the mall itself and rounded off their day with a big smile and timely return to their NSE campus.