Nypunya’s Contribution towards Sustainability

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” – These 3Rs will help us to save our planet and make it more livable for future generations. It is the responsibility of every family and institution to educate the children of today to take steps that will save their tomorrow.

Keeping the same in mind, Nypunya School of Excellence did its part by donating plastic collected in the school to Jagruth Tech Pvt. Ltd. The school regularly collects non-recyclable plastic on its school premises. There is a dedicated drop-off box placed for this purpose where students and teachers regularly deposit items such as plastic bags, covers, etc. Once the box is full, all the plastic is donated to Jagruth Tech Pvt. Ltd, who convert it into sheets, which will be made into chairs, tables, cupboards, floor tiles, dustbins, pots, benches, etc. 

Inspired by this undertaking from the school, the students of the school recently visited the company to hand out the plastic collected. They also witnessed final products made out of these plastic items. 

As the saying goes, “What you think is not important. It is only important what you do”, our school students, faculty, and staff aim to continue on this journey of a sustainable lifestyle.