Planet Earth Aquarium

Irrespective of the age every individual loves to stay connected with the environment and the animals. Children from NSE, Mysore had an experience where it will surely kindle their love for environment.

Such an initiative was taken by the teaching staff of all the KG classes- Pre-KG, Junior KG and Senior KG on 12th July 2022. A field trip to Planet Earth Aquarium, Mysore was arranged by them with the help of P.E teacher and support staff as they kick started their day in the morning.

The key objective of this trip was to acquaint the NSE students with the nature around them and understand the animals and plants in it. Planet earth aquarium been a wonderfully run setup welcomed the children with open arms and conducted a well-organized trip around the facility.

The children were first explained about the various types of aquatic species like fish, crabs, jellyfish, ducks etc. they saw in the facility. Later on, they observed and were explained about the aerial species like macaws, parrots, love birds, migratory birds etc. that had their dwellings in the facility. They saw how a farmhouse is run with multiple kinds of domesticated animals and at a well-chosen spot they enjoyed their snacks sitting in the greenery.

At the end of the trip, the children bid good-bye to the aquarium staff by presenting them with handmade bouquets and returned to school campus by 1:00PM.

As an overall experience, the NSE children had a very good outing with a learning experience attached to it which is the school’s main motto. They saw and experienced the nature and the animals within in a sprawling location. Along with understanding the habits of the animals, the trip ensured the kids improved their general knowledge, socializing and organizational skills by mingling with each other and participating in the event.

Below are some of their experiences captured in photos:

Planet Earth-01