10th February, 2023 was an interesting day at NSE, Mysore campus where Dr. Bharath Kumar Garla, conducted a session on installation of oral care waste recycling process.

The session started at 11:30 am with an introduction of 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) which play an important role in the recycling process. The doctor explained the importance of environment & how we need to conserve it for future generations. He initiated the idea of donating used toothbrushes which will get recycled and made into beautiful tiles & other useful construction materials.

The new concepts explained to the children really triggered a wave of curiosity and they wanted to know many things from the doctor. They were also informed about the eco-friendly brushes made out of sugar cane & bamboo stem. Dr. Bharath concluded the thought provoking session by saying that even children can play an important role in the process of helping the nature conservation.

At the end, the children were told that there’ll be a dental check-up camp for the NSE students in the campus on 11th February, 2023