Krishna Janmashtami

It was a day celebrating Lord Krishna, who is closest to the children. His joyful nature and sweet words connect the students to the belief of experiencing good after all the hardships. The stories of his mischievous acts will never fail to make a child smile.

On the day of Krishna Janmashtami, the students were full of enthusiasm to enjoy the day. The day started with a prayer from faculty, staff and students, who had come dressed as Radha and Krishna. A boy dressed in a vibrant kurta held a golden flute in his hands while an elegant peacock feather adorned his forehead. A girl in a pink lehenga held a beautifully painted pot, her silver bangles making a jingling sound. The students played Dhandiya with zeal. To develop teamwork, coordination and strength, the school had organized a Dahi-Handi for the students, who worked hard to break the pot. The day ended with the distribution of sweets.

It was a day when the students were able to learn the idea of brotherhood, friendship and hard work.